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Role Playing Children

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Over my two years of RPing and Witnessing Children RP, I have to say... that Children roleplay is by far one of the most difficult things to actually master in RP. However, over these two years, I have to say I've also seen horrible/cringe-worthy children RP as well as other people RPing with children RP'ers quite unprofessionally; hopefully after reading this guide you'll be able to earn a greater understanding of Children RP. So lets begin!

What you don't want to do

Prodigies: Though I understand you want to be the special snowflake, however children Prodigies are rare, and unfortunately one of the biggest problems with Children RP'ers; whenever a children RP's as a prodigies they seem to act as if they're children Rp'er has the most perfect mind-set and thinks like any person when they're older, this shouldn't be the case.

The "Edgy" Children: We know them all well, I always make jokes about this. These are usually the ones with the Cliche stories, or they want to be able to fight an orc who's 10 times their size. Please don't do this... in fact most people who RP like this don't receive as much respect.

Assassins: Tying along with the "Edgy" Children, most children on the server are either thieves or assassins, and their backstories usually go along with. "My Mother and Father were Poor.... so I had to steal food." Or "My Father beat my Mother.... so I ran away." And my favorite one... "My family died of bandits... and I escaped..."

Childish: Being a little childish is fine, however if you're going for the innocent and super childish act, it never works. In-fact it most of the times backfires you then anything. I understand that most 8 year old want to act & have the innocence of a 3 year old, but overall it shows lack of experience of a child RP'er. An Excellent example of a Childish RP is speaking. I notice that most children RP'ers have a weird speech problem whenever they talk. I like to call this the "Elmur J Children Disease." Here's an excellent example of this with his most famous line....

"Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits"

You see how most children use the 'W's in everything they use. Though I hate to see it, but most children develop perfect speech at around three years old. They won't be saying any high level words perfectly though they'll be able to speak perfectly without having the "Elmur J Children Disease!" Hell, a children shouldn't have this at all....

Things to Consider

Ignorance: Most people think of Ignorance as a negative, though in Children RP this is one of the biggest pet peeves, and is a huge positive. A child shouldn't know more then a adult, or have any motor skills compared to an adult in fact most children will usually learn from their parents and develop Motor skills over time.

Parental Cause and Effects: As a child, your parents will impact you the most, either it be a good thing, or a bad thing. Parents are basically the right and wrongs of how a child will develop, either it be how they act, how they think, and even their religious backgrounds. An excellent example are of toddlers saying things that their parents say. Why? Because children are like sponges they model everything a parent does and incorporate what they see into their own lives.

Emotions: A small thing, however is one of the bigger ones. Reacting depends on how you'r character will react to harassment, or either death. Whenever you see most children around their parents, and their parents decide to scream at them, what is the first thing all children would do? Yes, they'll cry. Most children react horribly to screaming and even a stern talk.

Key memories link to Happy Times & Death: Since you're roleplaying a child you'll have a much better character development & as well as the memories you'll have of RP then anyone else who creates a character with a later age. However, a problem that most children RP about have are how they react to their key memories. To begin, lets talk of death. If any child witnesses death they'll definitely remember it, and will have a traumatic memory of the death; to continue onto death, a child will not be brave when witnessing death, I understand everyone wants their child to be as brave as a knight however, in most situation a child will either scream, face will be terrified or just run, children are horrible in danger like situations.

Psychology: A problem with most children is basic Psychology. An example is if you're beaten as a child, you'll more likely be scared to talk or be rather shy most of the time. Another example is, if you're isolated from people and you're parents want you to be a magician of some sort, you'll more likely be anti-social, and not talk with people well.

Age Development

0-3 Years (Toddlerhood): During this stage of an infants life, they'll begin to learn how to walk, beginning of thought & imagination, as well as developing a mature language. Self-control also begins to develop. At this age, children take initiative to explore, experiment, and learn from making mistakes. Caretakers who encourage toddlers to try new things and test their limits, help the child become autonomous, self-reliant, and confident. During this age, Gender Roles make a huge impact at this age as well. This is also the beginning of developments of motor skills.

3-5 Years (Early Childhood): During early childhood motor skills increase, and do things for themselves. During this age, a child becomes much more independent; no longer completely dependent on the care of others, the world of this age group expands. They'll begin to trust more people and begin to find friends, as well as finding their own ways.....

5-8 Years (Childhood): This is when children begin to develop their place in the world, though they start young, it's usually what happens. This as well also develops a minor physical and mental difference of a child. They'll begin to understand friendship much more as well as independence; as children also develop mental and verbal skills and show concern for others.

8-11 (Late Childhood): During this age is rather the moody swing stage a little bit as you begin to show much more concern in friends and an increase in strength, complexity and importance arises. They grow even less dependent on their families and they are challenged academically. To meet this challenge, they increase their attention span and learn to see other points of view. As well during this phase, you begin to learn much more about how you'll develop in the world and begin to think of what others think of you.

11-14 (Early adolescence): Mood Swings, and the growing of puberty.... during this stage, children or rather teens will develop much more physically and emotionally. During this stage Motor skills have increase much more, though laziness has increased unfortunately as most during early adolescence will ask their friends for advice rather then their family; they'll also be much more offended and care most about what others think of them. As well as this depression hits most hard as most teens experience much more moodiness during this stage. (During this stage, most will find sexual orientation or attractiveness as well as how children are made.)

14-17 (Middle Adolescence): Boys and Girls will be maturing much more and develop everything physically from puberty and are much less emotional during their early developments. As well, they'll have a much better grasp of complex problems and issues. This as well is when they'll decide upon role models and who they want to be like later in life; during these years friends are much more important and will usually find more that share the same belief, values and interests. Emotionally you'll stress over big things and complain to your parents about your independence however, this is usually the age when you're "concerned about physical and sexual attractiveness."

17-20 (Late Adolescence): The recovery stage as I like to call it, during these ages you'll have a better sense self as well as becoming more emotionally stable. Socially, you'll be able to make your own decisions as well as being much more comfy around your parents. As you get older you'll begin to develop more of a more emotional and physical intimacy in a relationship and will fully develop a clear sexual identity. During this stage you will be much more independent and is usually when it's time to... "Send the bird from it's nest." As the young bird will have to decide upon thinking of ideas and setting goals and expressing your point of views and ideas. (You'll begin to develop a greater understanding of life.) And you've a much better development of motor skills as this is the age when you decide to make yourself useful in the world.


Thank you all for reading, and I hope you gained a much greater experience of children RP and how to react to children in RP. Hope to see you all in purn!


P.S (Will be working on how to react to children in the future.)

Credits & Ideas with re-wording and RP experience....:


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