Basic Guide to Role Play

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Basic Guide to Role Play

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:14 pm


Roleplaying, the acting out or performance of a particular role, either consciously (as a technique in psychotherapy or training) or unconsciously, in accordance with the perceived expectations of society with regard to a person's behavior in a particular context. In this guide, you'll be learning about the basics of Roleplay, Commands and acronyms used in minecraft Roleplay, and hopefully after reading this all, you'll have a much stronger grasp in Roleplay. So lets begin!

In Character (IC)

In Character, or IC is basically being who you're character is in Roleplay. This is what you'll more likely be doing on this server to chat as well as emote with other players.

/rp - The basic way for your character to speak, you can switch between RP and OOC chats!
/w {Insert Text} - Whisper what your character is saying [short radius 1]
/s {Insert Text} - Shout what your character is saying [large radius +20]
* {Insert Text} - Give an emote.

Out-Of Character (OOC)

Out-of Character, or OOC is the Antonym of IC, instead of speaking as your character, you're just simply speaking as yourself really. In OOC you can talk about anything from how your roleplay experience was to politics in real life. (Which I don't recommend you do.) As well, OOC doesn't have to be simply be in the OOC chat on the server, another example is Skype, TS3, and other chat programs.

/ooc - You're now speaking in the OOC chat, opposite of IC.
(( {Insert Text} - Local OOC AKA LOOC, is used when you are trying to explain to someone in RP about something in OOC to give a more accurate understand instead of using the OOC chat.

Example of LOOC:
You hear your wife crying, tears are streaming down her cheek as she buries her face on her shoulder. She begins to tell you of a story of a man in black hair slapping her in the face in the tavern she worked at. Outraged, you decide to storm out of the home and head into the tavern, finding the black haired man. You then found him and you begin to approach him, as your character emotes....

*Fighterman322 pulls his hand back, letting it go as he tries to hit the man in the back of the head.

However, during the emote, you forgot to notice another black haired man in the tavern so to simply help explain things you decide to go into LOOC or using your brackets.

((I was emoting to DrinkerMan44

What this accomplished was giving a better explanation to who you were hitting, so the other black haired man understands it wasn't him being punched in the face and doesn't have to emote.


Metagaming is simple, yet complicated. Simply, metagaming is the use of Out-of Character information, In character. They're basic mistakes as in knowing a characters name without even knowing their name or even meeting the other character before and major ones....


If a group of bandits decide to raid ambush you. You then decide to quickly go into Skype and tell everyone your X & Y cords of where you're at and help you defeat these bandits. This right here, is a major no, and can get you in serious trouble on the server.


Powergaming is allowing yourself to emote over other and not give them a chance to roleplay or emote a response.

You're walking down the road and you notice that a man is hurting another man for no reason, you then decide to take action.

*Fighterman44 stabs Killerman878 in the head

You see the problem? As you stabbed Killerman878 in the head, and saved the other man, however, the problem is that you didn't give Killerman878 a chance to emote what you said since you stabbed him in the head and didn't allow him to react. This as well is a major no-no and could get you banned on the server.

Final - The Do's and Don'ts of RP

Excellent! You've hopefully read through all the basic information and know a few things about the commands of the server, now lets talk about a things you'll need to learn on your way to creating your character that you might want to know.

The don'ts!

Moral-Meta Vs Lore/Reality

A basic misunderstand and a "Doh!" moment is Moral-Meta. Moral-Meta is simply how your character would think or act in a certain situation instead of yourself.

Situation: Lore Wise

You're walking down the path and you notice that an unknown figure is being beaten by a group of humans. You then begin to investigate a bit and you notice that it's a half-orc women. In you're heart as a person you know it's not right to just beat someone up, or discriminate someone, especially a women. However, in the world of Purn Half-Orcs are shunned and are considered abominations by Orcs & Humans as well as the other races. So if your character was investigating, they would more likely walk away in a situation like, instead of helping the half-orc like most people would.

Situation: Reality

Another situation is that you decide to invent something. An excellent example is if your character wants to invent a military item, AKA a molotov cocktail and lets say in this situation that oil was discovered on Purn. Obviously, you know how to make Molotov cocktail, its simple you can look it up on the mystical world that we call the internet, however you're character doesn't know how to invent something like that. Why? Cause they one, the internet wasn't invented... duh, but also your character would never think..... huh i'll just put this oil in the bottle and put a rag over it and throw it. The problem is, you're in the medieval time period, so think like you're in that time period.

"I'm Special." AKA Reality

Oh, these people. My favorite types. These are the ones that want to be hero, the ones that will stop everything and will deny themselves from dying.... why... because they're the hero of the story of course. Unfortunately, you're not the running assassin with two hidden blades and cloaks himself and is trained by one of the best fighters in the world and can beat everyone in a fight....


You're the fighting child who can beat an orc up with his finger..... just no.

RP vs Anime RP

This will be explained in a different thread!

The Do's

Be Unique

Being unique can be simple, from giving your character an accent, or by having difficulties with that character that no many people use in RP.

Have Fun

The biggest problem with most players are they'll say in chat that they're bored. If you're bored in anyway shape or form, leave. Weirdly enough, if you're bored and you decide to RP it affects the quality of your RP. S always stay positive and make sure you're enjoying what you're doing when you RP. You'll appreciate it much more in the long run.

Read what you wrote.

I'll admit, I'm a little guilty of this, but make sure you re-read what you wrote. It'll make you look much more professional as an RP'er and will make things less stressful on your side and the other person you're RPing with.


Congratulations you've made it to the end! Now that you've read this... what are you waiting? Go out there and show the world how great of an RP'r you are!

Thank you all for reading this, by all means I hope to see you all in RP, and hey who knows, maybe you can give the newbies a few pointers who haven't seen this thread.


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