Wood Elves

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Wood Elves

Post by Zephaniahtron on Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:14 pm

Wood Elves are often quiet and withdrawn from strangers but are loyal and accepting of their allies. They are often seen as calm and steady and arousing strong emotions from an Wood Elf is no easy task. These elves rarely speak unless necessary or wisdom of the forest is needed. They adore nature and everything it encompasses. They are also very in tune with the natural essence of things. They generally remain neutral in disputes, but will not hesitate to stand up and fight for what they believe in. Wood elves will die defending and protecting their forests if need be.

Average Height and Weight: 6'0 - 7’0, 250 - 350 pounds
Skin Color: Light tan to dark brown. In rare cases hue of green can be found.
Hair Color: Green is the most common but all natural colors occur. Blue hues are very rare with moon elf heritage.
Languages: Common, Elven,
Lifespan: Wood Elves are physically adult enough to fight at fourteen but they aren't considered adults until about the age of 110. "Normal" age for an adult high elf in RP is from 150 upwards, with 200-400 being the average range for professional adults. Elves DO NOT die to old age and as such most are well in there thousands.

Weak Fortitude: -1 to Fortitude
Natural Grace: +1 to dexterity
Ancient Wisdom: +1 to willpower
Elven Blood: Immunity to sleep spells

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