Deep Dwarf (Duergar)

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Deep Dwarf (Duergar)

Post by Zephaniahtron on Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:26 pm

A malformation of what was once dwarves, duergar are quite the opposite of their non underdark brethren. Duergar trust none and are thus untrustworthy themselves, their society is based on getting ahead at the expense of others. Duergar were once dwarves, but through millennia of being forced to mine in the underdark, the duergar became something else, the underdark made them stronger, but it also made them more cruel. They hate dwarves unconditionally, as they got to live free lives, unlike their ancestors.

Average Height and Weight: 4’2 - 4’8, 16 - 220 pounds
Skin Color: Grey
Hair Color: White Quill like hair
Languages: Deep Speech, Undercommon
Lifespan: These creatures do not die of old age.

Take 1 point less of damage from fire spells/natural flames.
Take 1 point less of damage from poison spells or poisons.
Resistant to psionics, and cannot be mind controlled.
Easily Dazzled: -5 to rolls against any spells with bright lights (such as frazzle). If a bright spell were to be casted directly in front of the creature (1 block), roll 1d100. 1 and the duergar is permanently blinded. Can only happen when the duergar has 6 or less HP.

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