Crown Dwarves

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Crown Dwarves

Post by Zephaniahtron on Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:25 pm

Living high in the mountains of extreme hills, these dwarfs love to stay in high elevated plateaus and in the mountains they carve into great monuments. Crown Dwarven cities are normally carved into the base of mountains and swirl up to the crown without a slightest flaw in design, and it is this artistic mining style from where they get their name.

Average Height and Weight: 4’ - 4’7, 130 - 190 pounds
Skin Color: Pale white to Gray
Hair Color: White, Gray, Black
Languages: Common, Dwarven
Lifespan: Crown Dwarfs are physically adult enough to fight at 14 but they aren't considered adults until about the age of 50. "Normal" age for an adult Dwarf in RP is from 100 upwards, with 100-300 being the average range for professional adults. Dwarfs DO NOT die of old age, and as such most are well in their thousands.

Hardiness: +6 HP total
Cave Sense: Knowledge of caves and underground structures
Cave in sensibility: Due to their odd building style these dwarf can not roll a cave in.

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