Guide to constructive reporting

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Guide to constructive reporting

Post by Neubia on Thu May 18, 2017 2:25 pm

If you have something to report, create a topic in the section. If you wish to remain unknown for any reason, please contact Neubia on the forums with a message.

Complaint Guide:
1. Stay factual and reasonable. Throwing around accusations doesn't help anyone.
2. Provide evidence. Screenshots, a chat log, video or a recording.
3. Stay recent. Report something quickly. Reporting something that happened a month ago is useless.
4. Don't spread rumors. If you have a serious complaint, quietly send me a message. Telling other players about how you were mistreated does not help resolve the situation. It also makes it very hard to get a third persons unbiased opinion.
5. Keep it short. What happened, when did it happen, who was there?
6. Don't report on someone else's behalf.

Vague format guide:

What happened:

When did this happen:

Who was there:


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