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Server Rules

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:57 pm

Our rules are very simple. And follow a "Don't be Stupid" sort of mind set and you will be fine.

General Rules

Respect others, their property and their beliefs, you don’t need to like everyone, you don’t need to get along with everyone, but we request that you don’t argue, harass, verbally attack, or target anyone. In teamspeak we do a good amount of friendly teasing, but there’s a thin line between teasing and harassment and it’s better to make sure you don’t cross that line.

A general rule of three strikes and your out is in place. Punishments will be based on the severity and rules broken. Meaning some events can grant more than one strike. Banned players may submit a ban appeal at any time.

You are always considered in character, meaning that any actions you take using minecraft mechanics must be supported by rp and irl logic. Do not abuse any glitches or bugs that exist in game or with the plugins as this rule would also apply there.

You are allowed to have an alternate account on the server. However one can only have one character per account and these characters can not interact with each other.

Please be respectful and don't post pointless memes all over the forums. You are accountable for your forum behavior the same as in game. Where the three strike rule applies, a warning on the forum counts the same as a warning in game. Both forum and in game strikes count towards each other.

If you do not have permission to whitelist or approve ARPs, please do not post replies on them. If you like an application, feel free to give it a thumbs up.

Role Play Rules

Do not meta game.

Do not power game.

We do not allow ERP on Purn (ERP stands for Erotic Role Play, for those who don’t know) should the rating go to rating R (18+) players must FTB (Fade to Black)

Your new character cannot be connected to your previous character in any way that would allow for revenge on anyone or anything that killed your previous character, or the gaining of items that your old character possessed. Characters should not be directly linked to others your previous character was often with.

Characters can not be leaders of any kind for any group in your whitelist application.

Death and Resurrection

Characters can be revived through events or a ritual.

Unless extra RP damage, excluding combat, was done to the body, the body is entirely identifiable for a period of 1 IRL week. After that, the sign describing it may be changed to detail an unidentifiable decaying corpse.

Your new character can not be connected to any form of royalty. Be it small town leaders, or kings. This takes away from the value of becoming a hero if you already are one. This rule also applies to lineage and any relations through any part of time.

If you fall more than 20 blocks your character is considered dead. Note for some races/classes is rule is void/adjusted.

Should a character commit suicide the player must fill out a Player Kill Request on the forums.

All new characters must be approved via a whitelist application.


Players are permitted to steal from unlocked chests so long as staff is over looking the thieving. To steal from locked chests a player must have a pick lock or skill granted through their ARP.

Building Rules

All players are allowed to build with permission. Players are granted a 15x15 world guard and players are allowed to butt these up right next to each other. File a Build Request in the application section of the forums.

Players can gain extra claims through RP, Additional requests and donation.


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