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1. At least 50% of the body must be present.
2. ONLY Clerics, Paladins, and Death Knights can resurrect without "divine intervention"
3. For classes not listed above you must contact an Ancient or your/their God, or another player may purchase a book from the priest at spawn. ~This book follows the same rules that a normal player res follows~

**NOTE Death knight Resurrections ALWAYS brings the target back as a DEATH KNIGHT
When a Death knight is resurrected by a priest or paladin they become "Uncorrupted" and became their base class (Warrior, paladin, etc)

Ancients and Gods are NOT required to help.

How does this work.

After all the requirements are met the "Die of Fate" is rolled, each time you come back the chances of your soul being returned are greatly reduced, you are NEVER guaranteed to come back.

At times the The Ancients and Gods can choose to aid a mortal if they deem the death unjust.

Note: any death/resurrection unless stated by an admin counts against your tally and increases the difficulty at being resurrected.

A player may not be resurrected more then once in any 24 hour period, all player resurrections have a 24 hour cool down, due to the extreme harm put on your body through doing the ritual required.


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