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Weapons and Armour Guide

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:50 pm

Here on Purn, we believe that just because you are a mage, doesn't necessarily mean you are incapable of picking up a dagger. However, those who are not prepared to suffer the consequences or use their strengths properly will find their arsenal to be clunky. Below are the types of weapons and armor available in-game, as well as the consequences and bonuses for wearing them.

Here are many types of defensive gear to choose from, each with their own perks and downfalls. Leather would be ideal for a rogue quick on their feet, while full-plate would be suitable for a knight. Here’s a compilation of all the types of armor that can be used in combat; just remember that you shouldn’t depend on your armor for all situations.

[th]Armor type[/th][th]Armor Check bonus[/th][th]DEX Pen[/th][th]Willpower Pen[/th][th]Movement Pen[/th]
Full Fur Set2000
Fur Helmet0.5000
Fur Chest0.5000
Fur Legs0.5000
Fur Boots0.5000
[color=#dd2423]Full Leather Set[color=#dd2423]4[color=#dd2423]2[color=#dd2423]00
Leather Helmet1000
Leather Chest1100
Leather Legs1100
Leather Boots1000
[color=#7a7a7a]Full Chainmail Set[color=#7a7a7a]7[color=#7a7a7a]4[color=#7a7a7a]40
Chainmail Coif1110
Chainmail Shirt3110
Chainmail Legs2110
Chainmail Boots1110
Full Half Plate[color=#239edd]10[color=#239edd]7[color=#239edd]7[color=#239edd]1
Half Plate Helm2110.25
Half Plate Chest3220.25
Half Plate Leggings3220.25
Half Plate Boots3220.25
Full Plate Armor[color=#6e23dd]15[color=#6e23dd]8[color=#6e23dd]8[color=#6e23dd]Max of 1
Plate Helm3220.5
Full Plate Torso5220.5
Full Plate Leggings4220.5
Full Plate Boots3220.5
Shield, Light wooden100
Shield, Light Metal100
Shield, Heavy wooden211
Shield, Heavy Metal211
Shield, Tower422


Here in purn we have unarmed, One handed, two handed and Range weapons. If you wish to wield a weapon that is not listed here ask a EM and we will see what we can do.

Unarmed Attacks

Dmg (S)Dmg (M)Damage Type
1 Bludgeoning
Gauntlet11d2 Bludgeoning

One Handed Meele Weapons

[th] [/th][th]Dmg (S)[/th][th]Dmg (M)[/th]
Damage Type
Club1d41d6 Bludgeoning
Dagger1d31d4 Piercing
Flail1d61d8 Bludgeoning
Hammer, Light (Blacksmith, tool, etc…)1d31d4 Bludgeoning
Mace, Light1d41d6 Bludgeoning
Nunchaku1d41d6 Bludgeoning
PickAxe1d41d6 Piercing
Rapier1d41d6 Piercing
Sword, Long1d61d8Slashing
Sword, Short1d41d6Slashing
Trident1d61d8 Piercing
Warhammer1d61d8 Bludgeoning

Two Handed Meele Weapons

Dmg (S)Dmg (M)Damage Type
GreatClub1d81d10 Bludgeoning
Halberd1d81d10 Piercing
Lance1d61d8 Piercing
Quarterstaff1d41d6 Bludgeoning
Scythe1d62d4 Piercing or Slashing
Spear1d61d8 Piercing
Pike1d61d8 Piercing
Urgrosh, Dwarven1d6/1d41d8/1d6 Piercing or Slashing

Note: Lances can attack one block father away

Note: Glaive can attack one block farther but cant be used agaisnt targets in the block next to the wielder

Ranged Weapon

Note: All Ranges attack must have a clear line of sight from attack to target.

[th][/th][th]Dmg (S)[/th][th]Dmg (M)[/th][th]Range (Blocks)[/th]
Damage Type
Dart1d31d4 Piercing7
Javelin1d41d6 Piercing10
Longbow1d61d8 Piercing30
Shortbow1d41d6 Piercing20
Sling1d31d4 Bludgeoning8


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