Extreme Conditions

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Extreme Conditions

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:43 pm

Extreme conditions

There are several extreme conditions found on Purn. This guide will help explain what is expect of players both from a IC and OOC stand point.

Event weather

Event weather is described via a broadcast. If you are in the area you are expected to Rp it. One can not simply ignore the sandstorm whipping around them.


Take note of the climate of the area you are in, If you are in deserts you must have water on your person. When in cold climates players must have lored clothing to remain warm. In many cases these areas will inform staff you have entered them. If you are found without the proper equipment a warning will be placed, if after that you do not comply a negative event may happen, or even death.


Remember the higher you go the thinner the air. While generally staff does not enforce this it should be kept in mind for events.


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