Mines and Lumbermills

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Mines and Lumbermills

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:35 pm

Mines can prove to be useful for settlements and players. Depending on the region, there can be more or less of each type of ore in a mine as well. Whilst this post won't go in-depth on which ores are in which region, this post will explain how to make a mine, and how to repair them.

Repairing Mines
Before a mine can be repaired, it needs to collapse. A mine collapses when it's emptied to a certain extent, and/or when people mine mindlessly all ways up and down. A mining technique that keeps the mine stable and strong will cause it to not collapse very early in its stage. However, when you strip-mine mindlessly and make holes all over the place, a mine will collapse sooner than you want, getting rid of valuable ores.

Keep in mind that you can't access the mine when it has collapsed.

What to do when a mine has collapsed?
Gather wood, depending on the size of a mine, you'll need a certain amount of wood.
40*40 Mine: 30 stacks of wood logs
20*20 Mine: 15 stacks of wood logs

Once these resources have been gathered, the mine will be repaired by @Yukio. You can contact him for this when you've gathered all resources.
[*] Repairing a mine also means that there will be new ores available in the repaired mine.

Constructing Mines
Only official settlements can make mines in a chose location. Each settlement can have a single 40*40 mine and a single 20*20 mine. These mines can be repaired when they collapse.

Construction Costs:
40*40 Mine: 60 stacks of wood logs
20*20 Mine: 30 stacks of wood logs
[*] Constructed mines can be used by anyone. We won't give specific only people permission to the mines.

Filling Mines
When a settlement wants to build another mine, but already has made 2 available mines, they need to fill up one of the mines. This can be done by supplying cobblestone to 'fill' the mine. You can refill both collapsed and non-collapsed mines. When a mine is 'filled', it is completely removed and thus unable to be used. After the mine has been 'filled', the settlement can choose to construct a new mine somewhere else.

Filling Costs:
40*40 Mine: 108 stacks of cobble (2x big chest)
20*20 Mine: 54 stacks of cobble (1x big chest)
[*] Filling a mine means that it's completely removed, thus not repairable.


Lumberyards are necessary for nations to provide wood to their people, but also to the whole of their nation. Therefore, here is a guide on everything you need to know about Lumberyards.

Repairing Lumberyards
Lumberyards will sometimes become unusable due to a plethora of different reasons. Sometimes there are broken parts in the lumbermill that need to be fixed by the players, other times the soil is exhausted. Each problem has its own way of fixing and since there are so many different problems that could pop-up, it's not possible to list them here. When there does appear a problem, there'll also always be an explanation as to how to fix it.

Constructing Lumberyards
Only official settlements can make lumberyards in a chosen location. Each settlement can only have 1 lumberyard and it must in the same region as the settlement and in a logical place. With a 'logical place', we mean that you can't make a lumberyard in the desert, nor can you make one on top of a few mountains.

Construction Costs:
20 stacks of wood logs
20 stacks of cobblestone
8 stacks of iron ingots
[*] Constructed Lumberyards always have a public lumberyard, and a private lumberyard attached to it, as well as the lumber house.

Public and Private Lumberyards?
I can already see you think. What's the difference between the Public and Private part of a lumberyard? Well, the public part is obviously available to anyone. This literally means any bypasser that comes by with an axe in hand. The Private part is exclusive to only the owner of the lumber house. It's a private part on which they can cut their own trees for their job and sell the wood.

[*] Whoever the owner is of the lumber house is automatically the owner of the Private part of the lumberyard. Keep in mind that staff will look out for abuse of this private privilege for the lumber house owner. If we find too many people​ using the private part, it'll be removed and turned into a public part as well.

Rules for Lumberyards:
One Lumberyard per Settlement
Lumberyard must be in the same region as the nation is.
When a lumberyard is unusable, it can not be used until fixed.
Abuse of the Private lumberyard privilege will cause deletion of the private part.
Keep lumberyards immersive. Don't plant several trees next to each other which makes an unrealistic tree trunk.
Do not build in lumberyards.


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